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 Press and Events
Cidana presents automotive software suite at CES Asia 2017 June 9, 2017

Cidana presented its latest technologies at CES Asia 2017 located in Shanghai in June 7-9. At the exhibition, Cidana demonstrated software solutions for the car market: Miracast, Multimedia Player, DTV, FIDO and Sync Player for RSE. Visitors showed great interest in these solutions.Cidana will help customers reduce RD cost for different platform requirements, and accelerate time to market product delivery.


Cidana demos FIDO technology to automotive May 26, 2017

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is the world’s largest ecosystem for standard-based, interoperable authentication. It is much simpler and safer for online services which can reduce reliance on passwords and protect against phishing, man-in-the-middle and replay attacks using stolen passwords. Cidana deploys this technology to automotive. Consumers can use their smart phones as their keys or controllers to unlock the car or control the air conditioner.


Cidana offers Cidana Sync Player for Rear Seat Entertainment May 26, 2017

Cidana Sync Player supports synchronous A/V playback among WiFi connected devices in the car, like: head unit, screens mounted for the back-seat, mobile phone and mobile tablet. Every device can control the playback, such as: choose files, pause, stop…


Cidana ships Car DVR solution Aug 5, 2016

HuiZhou, China –Cidana has shipped a Car DVR solution based on the TI Jacinto6/Linux platform to a tier one IVI OEM manufacturer. The solution records the automotive camera and encodes to media files. It can also play back, zoom, and quick/slow view the recorded media content.


Cidana ships H.265 solution    July 17, 2016

Germany – Cidana has H.265 decoding solutions available for both Android and iOS DVB-T2 players. The Cidana solution has been verified on popular smart phones and tablets. With this solution, users can enjoy the new generation mobile TV services adopted by Germany for DVB-T2 broadcasting from 2016.


Cidana DTMB passes CESI certification             June 30, 2016

Beijing, China -- Cidana announced its DTMB player has passed the China Electronic Standard Institution (CESI) DTV qualification along with the LeTV smart TV. The certification is required for smart TV shipment in China.


IME adds Cidana DTMB to its intelligent rearview mirror   May 20, 2016

ShenZhen, China – IME, a cloud based intelligent CE devices OEM, has chosen the Cidana DTMB player to power its Android automobile rear view mirror. This rear view mirror delivers mobile TV in addition to GPS navigation, DVR, security, BT phone hand free, and other features. This is the first time DTMB appears on a mirror for the automobile market segment.


Cidana ships ISDB-T Player for Smart home device Jan 30, 2016

Philippines -- Cidana has delivered an ISDB-T player for a smart desk phone device, TELPAD, launching now. The TELPAD is an all-in-one device which includes a telephone, a 7-inch screen tablet, and both touch and remote control.


Cidana has shipped over 1 Million DTV Players for Android smart phones in Thailand   Jan 30, 2016

Thailand -- Cidana has shipped over 1 Million DVB-T2 players for a major smart phone channel distributor in Thailand, through to June 2016. This allows HD playback with an embedded DTV tuner on the phone. The player employs advanced codec technology to obtain the best user experience with low CPU usage. Customers praise Cidana's DTV player for its reliability and ease of use.


Cidana ships ISDB-T player with Ginga Function  Oct 1, 2015
Brazil -- Cidana delivers ISDB-T players to ASUS for the Brazil market. The Cidana player includes Ginga interactive middleware. Ginga provides an excellent support platform for those social requirements intended by the Brazilian Government (digital inclusion, educational and cultural support, e-governance etc.). People can get extended programming information, such as sports statistics, merchandising, weather information, news, etc. The player takes advantage of Cidana's highly efficient software decoder for smooth HD quality playback.



Cidana ships 1-seg player for PND in Japan  

3 Aug, 2015

Japan -- Cidana has delivered a 1-seg player solution for a popular car equipment manufacturer. This solution is based on the Intel x86 embedded platform with Android. The outstanding error resilience in weak signal environment and ultra low power consumption of the player are highly appraised by the customer.



Cidana offers AVS+ software decoder solution  

10 Jul, 2015

China -- AVS+ is an advanced compression standard for video. It is developed by Audio Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China. The video coding algorithms comprise an optimization between absolute coding performance and complexity of implementation. Cidana has joined the Workgroup and completed AVS+ software decoder optimization which passes the conformance test. Cidana AVS+ decoder is designed for both portable and smart devices that enables HDTV DTMB standard to users in China. Cidana offers this solution to chip partners and device OEMs.



Cidana provides DTMB player for China   10 July, 2015

10 Jul. 2015

China -- Cidana has been chosen by the top internet TV manufacturer in China as DTV solution partner for their high end TV series on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-Core platform. This TV has passed exhaustive conformance and robustness testing that is certified by the government’s regulation. The final product plans to ship by the end of 2015.



Cidana ships Audio Media engine for Automotive with iPod support         


30 Jun, 2015

Huizhou -- Cidana has delivered a professional Audio player solution based on CSR car radio system to the tier one In Vehicle Infotainment manufacturer in China.
With this audio system, Passengers can enjoy the fantastic sound experience in the car. Passengers can also plug-in an iPod/iPhone and play their favorite music without any hassle, that is wonderful.


Cidana ships Digital TV player for iOS 64-bit  1 May, 2015

Shanghai - Cidana announced all iOS DTV software solutions are supporting iOS 64-bit. With iOS 64-bit support, iOS device and Cidana software could utilize 64-bit register more efficient than 32-bit OS, and improve the performance significantly by 25%. So the player could extend the viewing time by a quarter than before.



Cidana ships DTV Player for Android Smart phone in Philippines  


15 Apr, 2015

Philippines -- Android Smart phone with Cidana DTV player which provides both 1-seg and Full-seg TV playback has been launched by the major smart phone channel distributor. The end customers can enjoy the HD quality TV programs without spending 3G/4G data bandwidth. This is the 1st smart phone available since the ISDB-T is adapted by this country.


Cidana ships Digital TV player for iOS8   1 Oct, 2015

Taiwan - Cidana together with DEXATEK Technology Ltd. has advanced the Air DTV product line to iOS8 support, including lightning TV dongle and WiFi TV device. With exciting new iOS8, user can enjoy high quality broadcast DTV program with improved power consumption and more fluent user experience.


Cidana ships DVB-T2 for Android Smartphone 10 May, 2014

Thailand -- Cidana has delivered the DVB-T2 player on the Android smartphones to the major operator in Thailand. This is the first mobile HDTV product in the world to address the DVB-T2 standard.  The product was delivered just in time for the Thai customers to enjoy the high quality World Cup 2014 broadcasting without the extra 3G/4G bandwidth cost.



Cidana ships Media Player for Car IVI 15 Mar, 2014

HuiZhou – Cidana has provided the Media Player solution based on TI Jacinto4 to the Chinese tier one IVI manufacturer for the famous automobile brandings. This product is pre-loaded in the new car. The Media Player allows the passengers to enjoy the superb multimedia video and audio experiences in the vehicle. This feature also helps the car manufacturer to attract more potential buyers.









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