Audio Center

Cidana provides a high quality audio center, which fully integrates services such as multiple channel audio source mixing, processing, equalization, expansion, post processing, delays into a configurable master control center. These audio processing components will meet your strict automotive-grade requirements for audio. The components include Resample, Bass/Treble, Loudness, EQ, Compressor, Expander (Noise Gate), Limiter, Mixer, Balance, and Gain/Volume, and so forth. All components are carefully integrated to avoid pops or abrupt volume jumps and have flexible parameterizable crossfades and slews.

We also implement Cidana's audio center as native DSP code for some processors, which enables low latency and low CPU overhead solutions.

Key Features

  • Seamless audio handling and audio DSP functionality.
  • Integration with multiple input sources such as Digital Radio and Digital TV.
  • Full audio effects capability.


  • OS: Linux, Android, OS21, T-Kernel, QNX.
  • Processor: ARM based ST, Renesas, Freescale, CSR, TI, Samsung, Qualcomm, x86 etc.