Digital Radio

Digital Radio is an important capability for listening on the go, and is crucial to any automotive AVN system. Cidana provides a digital radio engine which supports common world-wide standards including DAB, DAB+, DRM, DMB.

Cidana is the "One-Stop Shop" for Digital Radio:

  • European radio standards covered.
  • Exhaustive Field testing for European countries.
  • Extensive robustness for automotive requirements.

Key Features

  • Demuxer for TS, DAB, DAB+, DRM superframes
  • PAD parser
  • Graceful error handling for automotive applications.
  • Optimized Software Audio Decoders: AAC/AAC+/AAC++, MP3, MPEG4 HVXC, DRM, SBC


  • OS: Android, Linux, iOS, OS21, QNX, Windows.
  • Processor: ARM based ST, Renesas, Freescale, CSR, TI, Samsung, Qualcomm, x86 etc.