SmartDeviceLink™ (SDL)

Smart device and vehicle are connected via standard protocols. An application from the smart device will make requests to the vehicle and the vehicle responds (Remote Procedure Calls). This application appears to be running inside the vehicle, but all operation logic is contained on the smart device.

Cidana is capable to provide the SDL solution for both Mobile apps and in-vehicle interface, which gives consumers the full control in how they connect and utilize their smart device apps on the road.

Cidana offers the following services on SmartDeviceLink:

  • SDL Core porting: wraps in-vehicle services and integrates to the HMI on the head unit.
    • BSP, Yocto project, Chromium/QT5, Pulseaudio, Gstreamer, BlueZ, SDL Core
  • Mobile Proxy integration: executes APIs to access and use services on the automotive head unit.
    • Video Streaming: H.264, RTSP, etc.
    • Audio Streaming: PCM
    • Protocol support: RPC, event, notify
  • HMI transport
    • Web based HMI: HTML5
    • QT based HMI: QT5
  • Flexible data transport
    • Bluetooth
    • WI-FI
    • USB
  • Multiple smart device platforms support
    • Android: AOA
    • iOS: iAP2, EAP

Cidana offers the following solutions for SmartDeviceLink enabled mobile APP:

  • Connect to the popular Smartphone APPs: mirrors smart device’s screen to in-vehicle display and use the APP like the same experiences on your smart device. Popular Smartphone APPs including:
    • Music player: Pandaro, iHeartRadio, Spotify
    • Information: AccuWeather
    • Navigation: Sygic, Waze
    • Vehicle data: FordPass
    • Phone call
    • The list of SmartDeviceLink apps is growing…
  • Customize SmartDeviceLink APP.